Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Set off from Bell which is a quaint if dying little town and headed towards the coast. The roads out of here don’t seem to go to the places that we are seeking, so there was a fair bit of toing and froing. This is the first time we’ve travelled on many of theses roads, passing through places like Maclagan, Yarraman, Blackbutt and Kilcoy before heading into and over the mountains. Not the best day for it, constant rain, heavy on occasion and then foggy at other times, with narrow roads, hairpin bends and slippery surfaces.

Right hand down a bit.
Pretty…wet that is

It took us much longer than we expected to reach Kenilworth where Sharon had insisted that we get a pie and donuts at the Kenilworth Country Bakery (that was Jenny’s excuse anyway). We just made it in time as it shuts at two. We settled for a sausage roll and decided we will head back there tomorrow for a second go.

Give me ya bloody sausage roll!

Our camp is at the Kenilworth Showgrounds which is a very popular camping spot in an attractive little town. It’s pretty wet underfoot so I actually had to engage the four wheel drive to get into our spot (well that was my excuse anyway). Apparently we have parked incorrectly because the caretakers like all the vehicles to be parked in straight lines but she kindly allowed us to stay put as we are only here for the one night

No cooking outside tonight.

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