Up the Road to Dalby

Farewell to the Nindigully Pub for another few years

We woke to a relatively warm morning this morning with the sun beaming away while I cooked breakfast. The wind started to come up a bit before we left camp but by the time we hit the highway it was quite strong. Once again the signs of heavy rain were obvious with damaged road surfaces at almost every turn. We cut across country to come out at Westmar where we actually had to ford water across the road. We stopped for a short break there before moving on to Moonie where we had lunch. It started to lightly rain along this stretch of road but never came to anything much, just cleaned the windshield.

The rains are coming Marg!

From there we moved on towards Dalby where its very apparent that cotton is king. Vast fields of irrigated cotton in various stages of growth. Numerous roadtrains carting either grain or cotton. A thriving agricultural area. We moved on to Bell to camp the night at the Bell Tourist Park and some home-cooked dinner

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