Hitting The High Seas

We were awoken at 5.00 am by a Security Guard knocking on our door telling us to move from the car park and to get in line for boarding the Spirit of Tasmania. After getting over the initial surprise we joined the queue to wait for boarding. We didn’t get to board the ship till 7.30 so we were running behind from the start. They sent us down to Deck 2 where we forced to drive nose first into the bow of the ship – pretty tight squeeze!

We had reserved our recliners so we had great seats right at the windows looking astern so had a great view as we travelled along. It was misty rain in Melbourne so we didn’t have the best view of the city as we headed out to sea but it was entertaining in any case. The facilities on board were excellent so we dined in the “Tasmanian Market Kitchen” where we were able to have good quality tucker at reasonable rates.

Waiting to board the Spirit of Tasmania

We disembarked in Devonport at around 7.30 pm and made our way to Girdlestone Park Free(ish) Camp. Dinner at eight with the obligatory Port nightcap.

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