Stairway to Heaven

Climbing the ladder of excess

We decided that we were going to be brutal in our assessment of where we will be travelling from now on. Jenny has given up on the really rough outback tracks after we finally worked out that it was the corrugations that wrecked our batteries (broken plates). That still leaves the vast majority of Oz available to us but it means that we can cut back on what we carry, which in turn means that we can reduce our weight and therefore running costs.

To this end we have decided that one spare tyre is sufficient and that we could leave the extending ladder home if we installed a fixed, lightweight ladder on the side of the vehicle. We have to be able to get to the roof for maintenance/repairs to the solar panels and additionally it will provide a bit of a photography platform. So now we just have to get back on the road after this year’s sad events.

Can’t wait till the new year.