Down to Beerwah

Donuts to go at the Kenilworth Country Bakery

Well it poured last night! Well over 50 mm rain for the night. We woke to a waterlogged campground (and a minor leak through the exhaust fan). We had to cook inside this morning before heading up the street to the bakery and then hitting the road to Eumundi (with several creeks brimming the banks) before joining the M1 and moving south to Beerwah. Torrential rain all the way down the highway, even aquaplaning at times. The campground here is pretty saturated as well. We arrived in time to bring some lunch for Paul and Shaz in the form of fresh pies and donuts. Renae and Blake won’t be joining us camping tonight because of the ongoing rain but we’ll catch up for dinner at the Hotel instead. Despite the heavy rain it is still moderately warm. Tomorrow we will move on back up the road a tad and the rain is forecast to clear tonight so we should be dry again tomorrow.

I say… a tad wet underfoot!

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