Port Arthur

We left Dunalley early and made our way to the Port Arthur Historical Site. We were amongst the first through the door which was probably just as well going by the crowds that descended later in the day. I suppose this is the highlight of the trip to Tasmania, the sense of history is palpable and the way the tours are run was very good. We spent five hours exploring the site.

The Convict Church, Port Arthur, Tasmania

When we went to leave we were stuck. All the lazy car visitors had parked in the Caravan and Motorhome car park but hadn’t left us a way out. Luckily a lady returned to her car and we were able to squeeze our way out. We visited the nearby Eagle Neck blowhole on the way north before heading up to Buckland to stay at the Old Buckland Inn for the night. A really interesting day.

Three miscreants in the Officers’ Gardens, Port Arthur, Tasmania

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