Been to Bothwell

We left Southport around eight to head north to Bothwell and the Nicholas ancestors stomping grounds. It was an uneventful trip back up the main roads to Hobart , doing a bait shop at Franklin and a grocery shop at Huonville before arriving in Bothwell in time for lunch. Stopped in at the cemetery for a chat with Jenny’s relos (they didn’t get a word in).

A one sided conversation

We then travelled out to Nandt to check out the old buildings (we didn’t partake of the whiskey) The young lady behind the bar filled us in on the facts about the buildings and was very helpful.

The old family digs at Nandt, 3 kms from Bothwell

We left there and headed down to Richmond to view the old town before continuing on to Dunalley to stay next to the pub for the night. Jenny is upset because we can’t have a fire tonight.

The first bridge built in Australia (?? Forty years after the first fleet)

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