A new day, a new stay

We out did ourselves today travelling all of 70 kms before pulling into Mayfield Beach Freecamp so Bob and Jenny could have a day’s fishing in the surf. The locals aren’t confident that they will catch anything but the the two anglers are determined to prove them incorrect. Great campsite- view out over Great Oyster Bay towards the Freycinet Peninsular. The weather is a bit kinder today, little to no wind and weak sunshine through high cloud. It seems the weather is improving over the next couple of days.

Great Oyster Bay with the Freycinet Peninsular on the horizon

Just got back from checking out the anglers and Bob caught a small shark (Draughtboard Shark I think) but decided to return it to the briny depths because it may not have been of eating quality. It turns out we are in a No Shark Capture Zone so just as well he released it.

Do you want chips with that?

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