Easing Ourselves Out of Holiday Mode.

What is it with New South Wales and cold mornings? Minus 3.5° this morning, more frost on the vehicles. We only had a short morning’s drive this morning – into Wodonga for a farewell cuppa.

Enough of the cold mornings!

As we returned to our vehicles we noticed coolant under The Turtle. Fortunately RACV Total Care came to the rescue and they diagnosed a faulty water pump, so the Willies are having an unplanned extended break in Wodonga. Every cloud has a silver lining!

The RACV making a house call

What The Woomargama?

Oh man, was it cold last night! Minus 6° overnight and it was still minus 2.5° when I was cooking the porridge outside this morning. Still, it meant we had a lovely sunny morning.

Ice on my outside table – its cold!!

Headed south through Young then across to Gundagai (and The Dog On The Tucker Box). From there we headed to Woomargama for our last free camp this year with the Willies. Its been a great trip, home in a couple of days.

Our last camp with the Willies for this year at Woomargama

Great Day in The Central Plains

Well was last night cold or what! The outside temperature dropped to minus 6° and inside the van it dropped to 2°! Good thing we had put an extra blanket on and donned the thermals before heading to bed. We woke up to sunny skies and set out on our adventure for today. First visit was to the Borenore Caves south of Molong. Great caves to explore and we spent an hour or more going through the different caverns (self guided)

The intrepid trio standing outside Arch Cave at the Borenore Cave Reserve

From there we headed down to the Historic Village of Cargo for lunch then onto Canowindra and the Ages of Fishes Museum. A really awesome display of fossilised fish which you can reach out and touch. Its amazing to feel the skin texture of a species that lived (and died) millions of years ago. I never thought I would be so impressed by fossils. I highly recommend it to anyone passing that way.

Some of the fossils on display

South of Wellington

Left Moree after a freezing night – we even had to forego the usual evening drinks because there was such a bitter breeze. It dropped to minus 0.5° this morning but the sun was out as we made tracks south.

Bob’s feeling the cold at Moree

We headed south down the Newell Highway then onto the Mitchell Highway, pulling in to tonight’s stop 3o kilometres south of Wellington. The sun’s out and its a bit breezy. We’re hoping the breeze dies down so we can have a fire and drink tonight.

Resting at the Two Mile Rest Area 30 kms North of Molong

Meandered to Moree

We only had a short drive today because we decided we would have a stop at the thermal springs before heading south into the cold. We need a recovery day after having a meal at the Nindigully Pub last night. Nice meal but pretty pricey $40 for a steak, salad and chips, $26 for fish, salad and chips. We probably skip this spot in future –been there done that.

My back is playing up today so it might be time for a thermal pool plunge.

Nindigully Pub For Dinner

Only a very short run down death row (there were hundreds of dead kangaroos on the road)  through to St George (where we topped up with water at the Information Centre and fuel at the Caltex Service Station) and then onto Nindigully to try and find a campsite amongst all the other free loaders. We  eventually found one but it was hard going. Off up to the pub for a shower, drinks and a meal tonight.

Nindigully Creek through the back window


Womalilla Creek Camp

Travelled a different road today, headed down to Injure then across to Womblebank Station then down through Mitchell to Womalilla Creek free camp. Beautiful spot beside the largely dried out river bed and small waterhole frequented by kangaroos, cattle and other wildlife. Had a roaring campfire while watching the southern skies – glorious!

Turtle relaxing by the campfire

Virgin Rock

Travelled down the highway to Virgin Rock free camp, arriving to find it was largely occupied at the back of the site so had to settle for the roadside area – plenty of trucks to keep us entertained. They have now incorporated a light show to light up the Virgin and her rocks. Moving further south tomorrow.

Nature’s light show
Man’s light show – with a little help from the moon

The Bogans Move On To Bogantungan

Bob had his new tyres fitted yesterday, so today its full steam ahead. We travelled to the old railway town of Bogantungan where we set up camp in the free camp in the middle of the largely deserted town. Tomorrow we will head into the gem fields for a bit of prospecting.

Camped in front of a lovely old lady at Bogantungan

A Day at Winton

We  drove into Winton from our free camp and headed straight to Tuff Tyres who were able to do a great deal on the new tyres. They didn’t have all the tyres there so it was decided that the Willies would wait until all the tyres were in stock (tomorrow) before having them fitted. Meanwhile our Solar system was functioning at reduced power so we decided to book into the Pelican Caravan Park (yes, seriously in outback Queensland) to carry out some maintenance. Turned out it was just a bit something (probably dust) in one of the connections so simply undoing it and reconnecting it fixed the problem. A bit of shopping then back to the park for a shower after grovelling in the dirt yesterday. Feels great!