Broome At Last

Arrived in Broome around nine thirty and headed straight for fuel (Turtle was running on empty for the last 40 kms). Restocked we went to the Information Centre to organise our trips etcetera. This was just as well as we got the last four tickets for our town tour to be done on Friday. Jenny and Debbie booked in for the camel rides this afternoon at three so we went to our caravan park (Taurangau Caravan Park in Cable Beach) and set ourselves up before heading out to Cable beach to wait for the camel rides. Bob and I provided the moral support. Half an hour later the rides all over and we headed up the sand to have a cold drink before heading back to camp.

Getting to know you

Its Curtains at Curtin Springs

We had discovered that we couldn’t get into the campground at Yulara (Uluru) so we decided to set up camp at Curtin Spring Station which is 101 kms from Uluru. We got into camp at around 1.00 pm so had a restful afternoon. The wind died down today so we had a great run into the Curtin Springs, back to our usual fuel economy. We intend heading into Uluru tomorrow so that Debbie gets her first taste of the Rock.