St George minus the Dragon

We arose to the first mild morning since leaving Leongatha. After brekky we departed Lightning Ridge for the northerly drive to St George. It was quite apparent that there had been heavy rain around these parts with road signs advising you ring to see if water was still over the roads. Being the daredevils that we are we chose not to ring the number (but then again all the traffic coming the other way was a fair indication that the road was fine) but continued on and only found one spot where water was still laying partially across the road. Quite a few places where the road had been damaged and we had to slow down.

The trucks were missing for the most part today (I guess they have a rest on Sunday) so our journey was at a steady rate of knots but a bit more wind today with bursts of sunshine. The temperature is in the early twenties so a very comfortable day all up. We’ve booked into the caravan park here for two nights just so we can head down the town tomorrow and check the sights out in this remote place. It still a surprise that the mobile service isn’t that flash out here and we have to use the Caravan Park’s wifi to get a decent internet connection.

The Caravan Park we are staying in is rather old but well maintained but the sites are certainly jammed in. We are okay as we have room beside us (and a park behind us) but the caravanners are squeezed in cheek to jowl with the awnings almost touching the van next door. But then again its less than half the price we paid at Lightning Ridge last night. Sadly the park manager informed us that happy hour is not on tonight but we were free to enjoy ourselves if wanted to (??)

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