Done and Dusted

All over for another year. We managed to go from the South Australian border to Leongatha without seeing one police car – nobody wanted to talk to us. The absence of cars was really apparent today when we left Charlton. Pretty much all the traffic were work vehicles until we hit the city. Even then there was only light traffic on the freeways so we managed to reach Leongatha without any further trouble with the motorhome (although travelling through the city with the threat of a vehicle failure comes with its own level of stress).

We covered 13,442 kms, using nearly 1800 litres of fuel, at a running fuel consumption at around 13.4l/100kms – I’m happy with that.

So we’re back to reality – pizza for dinner in front of the heater and the TV. Oh how quickly things get back to “normal”. Guess we’ve just got to get back into the Lockdown mode.

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