That Took The Wind Out of Our Sails

Other than the freight train driver deciding to wake all the campers at Bonney Wells by sounding the train horn repeatedly while passing by at some very early hour of the morning, it was a peaceful warm night. We watched the stars until bedtime before rising this morning to a beautiful, calm sunny morning. We decided after yesterdays long drive we would do a short trip to Newcastle Waters Freecamp, stopping at Tennant Creek for fuel and catchup phone calls, messages and the like. Unfortunately my emails didn’t update in time so we will have to wait until we reach Katherine (probably tomorrow morning).

Relaxing in the shade, 35º day.

Tennant Creek was quiet, not many local people about but heaps of tourists refilling their vehicles to head south. Last night it was Bethlehem at the Devil’s Marbles, today its like the Exodus. Heaps of vehicles and vans heading south with only a fraction of that number going north with us. Noticeably different to previous years.

Drinks at moonrise, Newcastle Waters Freecamp

I went to fit the new windscreen wiper blades that I purchased from Repco in Alice Springs only to discover he had given me the wrong size. Hopefully there is a Repco at Katherine that will let me exchange them (I’m definitely not going back to Alice Springs!)

The wind had largely died down today, only kicking backup just after lunch. It made for economical motoring, using 2.5 litres per 100 kms less today than yesterday. Now if only we can get a tailwind.

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