Ho Hum

A bit boring over the last couple of days. It rained all day yesterday (26 mm in total) so it was a day inside all day reading. Today was cold and overcast so another day of reading. At least I’m catching up on my reading. Jenny finds my choice of reading matter a little esoteric – Ross Gittin’s Economics Primer, Laura Tingle on the state of politics in Australia and abroad and Dominic Kelly’s Political Troglodytes and Economic Lunatics. Ive moved on to the diaries of early European exploration of Australia after completing Yoro Yoro, a text on aboriginal mythology and rock art in the Kimberley.

A majestic River Red Gum on the banks of the Murray River

The highlight of the day will not doubt be the fish and chips we have ordered for dinner in order to spread a little COVID cash into the local economy

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