Another Day, Same Old Town

We woke to a cold clear morning, the rain had gone, replaced by calm, sunny skies. We retired early last night – an extremely cold wind came in combined with the general dampness underfoot. We set out this morning for a tour around the nearby seaside villages. Poor old Beaconsfield is definitely the poor cousin around here, a lot of large seaside homes and holiday houses in the coastal towns. We are so close to Launceston (approximately 40 kilometres) I’m guessing a lot of people have holiday houses here. Some of the villages seem very suburban while others certainly have that beachfront feel.

Lighthouse at Low Head, Tamar River, Tasmania

We returned to Beaconsfield to check out the Mine Poppet head that we all saw featured on our television news programs back in 2006 when Larry Knight lost his life in the mine collapse and two others were trapped for two weeks. The mine site is now incorporated in the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre. After having lunch in the park opposite we decided that we may as well stay at our freecamp here before heading toward Launceston tomorrow. We have to fill in a day as we aren’t booked into Launceston until Monday Afternoon.

The mine poppet head inside the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre

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