Onto Mary’s Pool

We made our way the 120kms to Halls Creek intending to refuel and do a quick top up shop but the fuel road train was ensconced at the Shell servo with a queue of about thirty cars and caravans waiting to fuel up with only one set of diesel bowsers working. We had morning tea and did our little shop and still no progress at the servo (if anything the queue had grown larger) so we decided to move on. We’ll refuel at Fitzroy Crossing (the advantages of good fuel economy and a 100 litre tank). It’s been a feature these holidays – not many people out on the roads but the towns seem to be swamped with cars and caravans, many appear to be on their first trip out, all bright and shiny (the cars and caravans are as well)

The redundant causeway at Mary’s Pool

The best laid plans etcetera etcetera… we had planned to stay at the Ngumban Cliff Rest Area which gives views out over the plains, but strong winds and the ever fresh memories of Hell at Horricks Pass in 2019 saw us forego those plans and head to the ever reliable Mary’s Pool Freecamp. We did the grey gonad stunt of pulling up at lunchtime and sitting back enjoying lunch and a cuppa while criticising everyone that comes into camp (only joking!)

The weather cooled off nicely towards dark (which comes just after 5 p.m. now) We even had to put our jackets on to watch the stars as more and more caravans arrived. In the end it was a pretty full house and we ended up hitting the sack early – its been a long day.

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