Welcome to Western Australia

Ahh, second time lucky. Passed over the border with barely a stop at the quarantine checkpoint. Our Police pass was accepted this time and old mate quarantine officer did a cursory inspection of our vehicle for contraband of the vegetable and fruit variety. Being honest people we had ditched all our goodies at Victoria River Roadhouse camp yesterday morning so had to do a full vegetable shop at Coles in Kununurra to replace the missing food. A quick refuel and it was back on the road again for a trip down memory lane also known as the Great Nortrhern Highway to set up camp early (for us, in any case) at the Muluk Rest Area Freecamp where we have stayed on previous occasions (on the traditional lands of the Kira people).

Our Muluk Rest Area Freecamp

The vehicle is still playing up spasmodically. Every now and then the sensor error shuts off the cruise control but it is still drivable. Originally, I had to use the Diagnostic Scanner to clear the faults to get up and running again but on two occasions now it has reset itself after the ignition has been turned off. This afternoon it did over 200kms without any problems so maybe my luck has changed and the system is settling down.

Beautiful night under the stars, balmy breeze and the occasional shooting star. We were startled in the early hours of the morning by a pack of dingoes that came into the camp and started howling. Exciting but scarey at the same time.

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