You Must Go South to Head North

We left Copley Caravan Park after purchasing some of their Quandong pies and headed into Leigh Creek to refuel and do a minor shop at the supermarket. Leigh Creek is gradually becoming a ghost town now that the open cut coal mine has closed, a victim of higher extraction costs and cheap renewable energy.

We continued down the highway and stopped for a cuppa at Parachilna in the hope that we would get mobile phone service. While we could access the internet and our messages, we couldn’t make any voice calls so we moved onto Hawker for lunch where we were able to get full service.

Our windy Maslin Camp

I need to replace my lefthand side wiper blade so we refuelled again at Port Augusta and tried to purchase the parts but as Port Augusta has had its first decent rains in three years there is a shortage of wiper blades in the town so we’re left wanting. The wind has come up again very strong from the west so we had to hunt down a campsite that at least had some semblance of shelter and we settled on Maslin Rest Stop which extends some way off the road and formed our “L” shaped setup to at least make the stop bearable. Quite mild, 17º and not much rain here.

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