Copley to Parachilna and Return

We had an unplanned trip into Leigh Creek before heading south to Parachilna. the lack of mobile phone service here and about is really restricting our flow of information. Leigh Creek was flooded with Victorians returning from The Big Bash at Birdsville. South Australia was requiring them to have COVID tests and isolate upon entering SA.

Copley Caravan Park

We arrived at Parachilna in time for our 1.30 p.m. sitting and we enjoyed Goat Curry. Jen had the Quandong and Quince Steam Pudding, while I had the Sticky Date Pudding. We had a couple of drinks before returning to Copley, fighting against a very strong Westerly wind. The news about the deteriorating COVID situation has lead us to reconsider our plans. At this stage we intend to head back south to Port Augusta before turning north and heading up the Stuart Highway, probably aiming for Glendambo. At this stage the WA border is closed but we can still get into NT (at least we think we can) We will have to review the situation when we get access to more telephone service (probably lunchtime at Port Augusta)

Sunset at Copley

The wind has really picked up tonight. The forecast was for severe weather further south so I expect we’re copping the edge of it in the form of very strong winds with intermittent showers. The only good thing about being in this park is the fact that there are no trees to blow down on us – I guess that’s a blessing : )

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