All the Way To Lock 9

Oh dear, what a cold start to the morning. Minus 4º, so cold our diesel stove stopped working and I had to cook breakfast outside. I can honestly say that I have never felt so cold. My fingers went beyond painful to white and numb so I had to use the old timer’s trick of shoving them under my armpits against the skin to warm them back up. We turned the motor on to warm up the inside but it took easily 45 minutes to actually get enough heat in the vehicle to defrost the windscreen.

That’s a lot of ice mate.

We took off from camp and we had ice particles like snow coming of Turtle and sprinkling our windscreen. A glorious day of bright sunshine a verdant pastures. We stopped for lunch at Lake Tyrell, our first ever visit to that place.We spent an hour enjoying the sunshine and the views.

The rather impressive sign at the lake matches the great facilities there.

We pushed on to Lock 9 on the traditional lands of the Latje Latje people. We set up camp in an area that is normally teeming with travellers but we only saw one other vehicle come into the area. All day we met travellers going the other way but very few travelling our way. We had a great night around the campfire.

Willies in the process of setting up camp.

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