Cross at The Border

Sunrise at Lock 9

We left camp at around 8.30 a.m. and made our way over the border to Yamba for the quarantine station compulsory stop. The SA Police were there to check to see that we had logged in with the email that had been sent to us. Two problems – we hadn’t had that much service in the morning and when we did drag everything out to check our emails there was no email from SA Police. He was a little terse with us but, hey, it wasn’t our fault that your system didn’t work. He then had to check us in manually (which would have saved us all time at the start).

Woolshed Flats Free Camp

From there we headed north, not stopping anywhere because apparently they had a fruit fly outbreak in the Riverland area so it was suggested that we do our shopping when we got clear of that area. We had lunch at Burra before heading across via Crystal Brook to Port Pyrie then up the coast toward Port Augusta before turning inland to head toward Hawker, stopping 18 kms south of Quorn at Woolshed Flats Free Camp on the traditional lands of the Ngadjuri and Nukunu people. We had a great fire and a great night sitting out in mild temperatures before heading to bed a bit later than normal.

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