A Denham Date

Denham looking out over Shark Bay. Beautiful sunshine, great caravan park within 100 metres of the beachfront. What a difference 24 hours makes

Kicked off from camp this morning and headed into Carnarvon. Funny sort of town on the coast with nearby agriculture but no real tourist attractions that we could see. The Visitors Information Centre seemed more interested in booking trips to see Monkey Mia, Shark Bay etcetera so we opted for morning tea in the carpark, the compulsory bread and grog run then back into the car to head to Denham. Jenny rang from Wooramel Roadhouse and was able to get us a site in the Blue Dolphin Caravan Park for two nights. We headed on down and would you believe at the Hamlen Pool turnoff were the Coopers just returning from their unsuccessful trip to Monkey Mia (the dolphins only get fed three times a day and the Coopers had paid their $16 only to discover there were no more feedings today) They hadn’t tried to book in at Denham and ended up at Hamlen Station which is nearly 100 kms out. We left them at the intersection of life and headed into our park for a much needed/longed for shower, clothes washing and replenishing of water tanks (the van’s not ours). We went for a stroll along the esplanade before heading back home for a hearty home cooked meal of chips, steak and eggs. Life is sweet.

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