Feeding the Tourists

Alright I knew you only wanted to see this shot but there is more to Monkey Mia than bloody dolphins – well actually there isn’t that much else.

Luckily Jenny had read the pamphlet on the feeding of the dolphins at Monkey Mia so she knew that they only get fed three times in the morning with the first one at about 7.45 am and that the dolphins dictate when the next feeds will take place, so we made our way out early and got there about 8.15 am. Within 15 minutes the dolphins were back in for their next feed, so the battle for beach position began and only those brave souls prepared to get cold wet feet had a slim chance of feeding fish to the mammals (they only get one fish each per go). As there were only 4 adult dolphins that is how many people got to feel all gooey inside and the rest of us snapped unnecessary and unexciting photos of dolphin backs before it all faded to nothing after twenty minutes.

After the morning excitement we had to put our feet up for the rest of the day before we went out for dinner at the pub.

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