Cable Beach

No prizes for guessing which one is the camel. Jenny and her German backpacker starting the Cable Beach camel ride.

We did a Town Tour this morning which was very informative and gave us the opportunity to visit a few sites we may not have visited otherwise. After lunch we just got things ready for take off tomorrow Рfilling the water tanks, stowing gear, before heading out to buy some supplies and then heading up to Cable Beach. Ah the joys of watching the wonder of nature as the sun goes down, glistening on the 500 4wd parked on the beach. Jenny enjoyed her camel ride then we sat and waited for the sun to go  down before heading back to camp.

Off to Cape Leveque tomorrow and Jenny has just heard from Melva that the Coopers will also be heading down there and heading down the coast on Sunday the same as we had planned…

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