The Mother of Pearl Altar and surrounds at St Mary’s Beagle Bay. The Granddaughter of one the ladies who carried out the intricate inlay was at the church explaining the different symbolism that her grandmother had taught her.

We made the trip into Cape Leveque along an absolutely smashed road. We caught up with the Coopers in at Cygnet Bay Pearl Farm and later back at camp at Roebuck Plains Roadhouse Caravan Park. We managed to rattle the top off the Drambuie (which was shaking around so much it even managed to spill out the cupboard even though it was still upright!) – that explained why Jenny was licking the floor all night : ) It rattled the screws out of the shower door, the top off my coffee pot and the enthusiasm for corrugated red roads out of the pair of us.

We left at 8ish this morning with the Coopers bringing up the rear. They caught up again at Spitfire Roadhouse just as we were leaving. We refuelled at Pardoo Roadhouse before making our way here – I just love all these exotic sounding names. My in car camera was rattled into submission so I have had to do a complete reboot on that and thankfully it seems to be working again. Tomorrow we are off to Marble Bar – nobody mention the heat.

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