Heading South Again

We left Cloncurry to continue our way south. A little way down the road we came across an unfortunate caravaner whose towing hitch had sheared off so he was stuck on the side of the road awaiting parts. (He obviously got them because he turned up in our caravan park later that afternoon). We stopped at the remote hamlet of Kynuna for lunch before moving on through the treeless plains North of Winton. We saw several small herds of wild camels on the pastoral leases, something we haven’t seen for years so I’m guessing the recent rains have helped their numbers swell as well (there were several young camels with their mums)

Awkward spot to lose your van

We passed the turnoff to the Combo Waterhole Conservation Park and I immediately thought that perhaps we should visit there now but instead we just kept moving toward Winton. We set up camp in the Pelican Caravan Park (which has neither water or pelicans to float on it) and it was a hot and dusty 33º afternoon. We were extremely disappointed with our Belong service here. Despite advertising themselves as being owned by Telstra and using the Telstra network, we were denied connection to the Telstra network completely, despite the signal being at 4 bars.

The Blue Heeler Pub at Kynuna

Time for a shower in the rather aromatic bore water and tackle the town tomorrow.

Under the disco lights at Winton

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