Back Into Black

Well sort of. We’ve crossed the border back into Victoria after spending last night at Renmark. Before we left town, we nipped into the Renmark Patisserie to buy a vanilla slice to remember our dear mate Bob Bentley. I don’t know how Bob used to manage to eat one of these delicious slices without getting his fingers sticky (well actually I do – we used to watch him, fascinated at the way he could manoeuvre a vanilla slice so that nothing stayed on his fingers) but Jenny and I certainly failed – we only had half each and we needed a baby wipe to clean ourselves up.

Just taking a rest at the Travellers Rest Caravan Park, Charlton

It was windy again today and we have found that we can limit the misbehaviour of the motorhome if we stick to driving without cruise control and sitting on 80 km/h. We made the whole journey to Charlton with no problems, only stopping for meal breaks and to refuel at Wycheproof. Funny, we have spent a whole day in Victoria and have only had direct contact with four people between us. The highway to Mildura was virtually empty of cars and we only saw about six caravans travelling our way all day. Just a relatively short drive home tomorrow. Our current tally is just over 13,000 kms with just a few hundred to go tomorrow.

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