Strange Occurrences Indeed

It seems the internet gods are watching – I’m having trouble posting this day’s happenings.

No rest for the wicked (or us for that matter). We are booked to enter SA tomorrow (but we have a couple of months grace if we need it) but as I’ve said before, we’ve seen most of this neck of the woods. We pushed on doing another 400 kms before reaching Jallah Rockhole Freecamp, one that we haven’t been to before and certainly a toilet setup that has to be seen (and heard) to appreciate the finer things in life.

Just follow the rules and we will all be happy

Needless to say, we followed the rules. I’m pretty sure the immaculately dressed couple in the shiny new caravan that stopped for a toilet break may not have anticipated this.

The camp itself was quite pleasant and another thunderstorm rolled in just as I was dishing up dinner so we had to retreat inside for dinner and desert (Old Tawny and chocolate, the decadence)

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