Back in Time to Oatlands

The Granary Mill, Oatlands, Tasmania

We set out this morning from our camp just outside of Oatlands just in time to beat the nine o’clock rush. The beautiful well maintained buildings were a delight. We walked the streets for an hour taking it all in before having morning tea then heading back toward the coast.

Wood carving “Golden Guardian” at St Mary’s, Tasmania

We took the A4 across the mountains to find that it was really just a paved goat track, barely two vehicles wide. Luckily we didn’t meet any log trucks despite the signs warning of their presence and the signs asking long vehicles to sound their horn before the hairpin corners. In any case we made it safely to Bicheno where we have booked into the Caravan Park for a shower, laundry, water and power before continuing on North along the East Coast tomorrow.

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