Back to Devonport for Crucial Repairs

It poured rain almost all night so breakfast was cooked indoors this morning. We made the decision to drive back to Devonport to get Jenny’s phone fixed. It was a two hour drive in relatively good conditions and we waited around in Devonport doing some shopping until the MacShop rang to say the phone had been repaired (all under warranty). The battery had failed and caused some damage to the screen so both the battery and the screen were replaced and she was back in action. Phew, that now means I can have my phone back so now neither of us is suffering from withdrawals.

Old Stockyards, Middlesex, Tasmania

From Devonport we decided to travel down to Cradle Mountain but the weather closed in with strong winds and rain so we ended up searching for a campsite along the road south west toward the mountain. We managed to secure a spot next to an old abandoned set of cattle yards formed out of large fallen trees arranged as fences. Plenty of animal tracks around so I’m hoping we will be visited by a Tassie Devil tonight!

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