I Say Stanley

It just must be us! Woken early by a grumpy Little Athletics “lady” telling us that she didn’t want motorhome and caravans hanging around when the kids arrived so we had to be out within the hour. So it was a quick breakfast then into Devonport for a supermarket shop (quarantine restrictions meant no fresh fruit and veg or firewood!!) before heading down the North West Coast to Stanley for another cheap camp. On the way we stopped into several lovely beach communities at Sisters Beach and Boat Harbour. Beautiful spots with very few people around considering it was fine and sunny and Saturday.

Sisters Beach in tropical Tasmania

The short distances that we are travelling are coming as a bit of a surprise so its hard to get our heads around. It is relaxing getting into camp early. Tragedy of tragedies, Jenny’s phone has carked it (the battery didn’t like being flattened to the point of no return) so I have had to forego my phone to prevent withdrawal symptoms. Looks like a trip back to Devonport to get it fixed.

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