Reached Morgan SA

We put in some big days crossing the Nullarbor – 2100 kilometres in 3days. We have now reached Morgan, South Australia. It’s the first day that we haven’t had any wind, it was really quite bad crossing the Nullarbor. It was especially dangerous when confronted with Road Trains travelling the other way as they would suck you towards them and then spit you out the other side. Needless to say we are pleased to be rid of both the road trains and the wind. We decided to stop at a Caravan Park tonight as we have been free camping for a few nights now and are starting to miss the home comforts of an undercover toilet and showers 😃. We are transporting Bob’s precious fish (and his Kranski Sausage) home in our freezer so luckily we can report that we have had no freezer issues (but the fish has been tempting). Now we can sit back and listen to our music through our recently acquired JBL Bluetooth Speaker. Swan Hill tomorrow then Echuca on Tuesday

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