Reached Western Australia

We had the usual dilemma about what time to leave camp this morning because we are so close to the border and we then have to turn our clocks back a further one and a half hours. we ended up leaving at 10.00 am as this meant we could dawdle to Kununurra and still be there by 10.30 am despite being some 130 kms away. We had our vehicles checked at the quarantine station before heading towards Kununurra and turning before the Main Street to visit the Miriam National Park to have morning tea and have a stroll through the rock formations of Hidden Valley which have a similar form to the Bungles but not nearly as colourful. From there we continued on to the shopping mall to do our restocking after having what little fruit and veg we had left being taken at the quarantine station, checked the camping store out and bought fuel and a new fuel container for the Willie’s vehicle. We had lunch at the Kununurra dam weir then went on to Mullock Free Camp having travelled some five and a half hours. This is where the changed clocks had the greatest effect as we were caught out trying to cook in the dark when the sun set at five fifteen, as opposed quarter to seven the night before. Never mind, we survived.

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