The Usual Housekeeping

Having returned home its time for our usual review of the motorhome’s performance. We’ve reached the conclusion that we probably won’t be doing any more of the real rugged off road tracks in the future so we are going to alter our setup to suit.

This means removing the things we are unlikely to need in future (like the Max Trax used to get out sandy or muddy situations). We are also removing the second spare wheel, the tyre is blown anyway and as we will probably spend the majority of our time on bitumen we don’t really need the second wheel. We ¬†are also removing the hand winch and the bungee straps. I’ve disconnected the HF Radio so no VKS737 rescues anymore.

In addition to these changes I have to go through all the little equipment failures and some of the more important ones (both rear shock absorbers are stuffed). Then I’ll rethink the layout of the under bed storage.

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