Historic charms of Mildura

PS Melbourne coming into berth at Mildura port on a sunny Wednesday morning

Just for something different, today we did the self-guided Chafey tour of historic sites in and around Mildura. It was interesting, including the visit to Psyche Bend Pumping Station, which, wouldn’t you know it, is open nearly every other day except Wednesdays. Unfortunately this led to us passing the sign to Woodie’s Gem World, thus requiring a stop on the return journey to Mildura. Two sets of earrings later we were back on the road. My turn for the retail therapy, so I bought myself some new boots. We also found another contender for the fruit bowl.

Visited poor old Merbein on the way back to the campsite. Its deader than before. The Great Vanilla Slice Competition is on on Saturday, but the town itself has lost the competition – only about five shops trading. We need a solution to these dying towns – refugees?

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