Keep River National Park

Keep River National Park, the Northern Territory’s version of the Bungles – not even close to a cigar

We travelled into the Keep River National Park and set up in the furtherest campground which had adequate basic facilities. Sadly they built the campground at least 1.5 kilometres from where they should have, which meant an extended trek in the heat. We went to the Rock Art site in the morning that contained maybe four or five low quality paintings that had almost faded to extinction. Against my better judgement, Jenny talked me into doing the Lookout walk in the evenig instead of waiting till morning. Needless to say a 5.5 kilometre walk in 37 degree heat is a recipe for trouble – Jenny survived, just, but I struggled in the heat. We made it back to camp well after the daylight had gone, all hot and bothered. The views would have been better in the morning but the park must bear some responsibility for blatant self promotion. The walks were not within cooee of the quality of the Bungles. Still we enjoyed our night there.

Arrived at Katherine NT

Jenny and the hordes enjoying the warm waters of Mataranka Thermal Springs

Spent the last two nights at Mataranka enjoying the thermal pool. The place was packed, heaps of school kids and old farts! Had dinner at the Bistro and listened to the same old singer and his band as were there two years ago – I swear even his jokes were the same. We’re off to Gregory National Park NT today. We may camp in there for a night to check out a couple of gorges then onto Keep River National Park next to the West Australian border for two nights to view rock art and spectacular landscapes – photos to follow.

We caught up with the Coopers at Mataranka. They are travelling a lot slower than us and we will probably overtake them today even  though they left yesterday. They anticipated taking at least two nights to reach where we will reach today.

Telephone service has been intermittent so I can’t say when I’ll be able to update this next.

Meanwhile we’re having a ball with daytime temperatures now around 30 degrees with cool nights, perfect travelling weather

And We’re Off

The RAAF Boab Quarry in The King Leopold Ranges, a free camp with ample space for big rigs, caravans, motorhomes and campers alike. Its accessed along a well maintained gravel road approximately 6 kilometres from the Highway 1 turn off. We camped there in 2014.

We left home at 6.00am and headed down to Macca’s for our normal once a year  breakfast. There were only the two of us, so we had ordered and eaten breakfast by 6.20am so we hit the road. Pouring rain until Loch then it backed off to intermittent rain until Melbourne. We topped fuel up at Calder Service centre then headed up the Calder Highway. We stopped for morning tea at Lockwood free camp before heading to Sea Lake for lunch. We refuelled at Ouyen and made Lock 9 Free Camp at around 4.00pm, so we were all setup and having a glass of wine by 4.30pm! No co travellers to share the drink though.