And So to Longreach

Mmh… that ended up in a slippery situation! We were blissfully listening to the rain gently fall on our roof at 4.30 am while most of our neighbours panicked and headed for the hills. Trouble was that when we went to leave one of the panicked had parked himself on the track because he was frightened his caravan would slip off the highly banked road surface. This meant we had to take to the rather steep drop off to get out of there. Unfortunately, much like the caravan driver, I hadn’t engaged four wheel drive as I left the campsite. This meant that in the slippery conditions, it wouldn’t engage so I had to wing it over the edge in two wheel drive. A little hairy (and Jenny was doing the old let me out of here routine) but we survived.

We headed off for Longreach to do some shopping and decided to stay the night in the Longreach Tourist Park where we stayed many years ago with Melva and Laurie (and rude old grey gonads). This way we get to have a decent shower and do some laundry before moving on again.

No comments about old bovines please!

We went up to the street to top up on groceries and ran into the local man riding the bull on the footpath. Happens everywhere on a Saturday morning.

No not a white wedding. Street sculpture Longreach.

Nice to see that the town was rocking – plenty of tourists and a local was having a large wedding today.

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