Oh, That Waterhole!

Yeah I knew it… of course the Combo Waterhole was the alleged birthplace of Waltzing Matilda. We decided that as we may not be back in this area for a long time, we had better make the effort and visit the Combo Waterhole Conservation Park. It’s only a three hundred kilometre round trip but its better than sitting in the freezing cold in Leongatha.

We were surprised when we arrived there that there was only one other vehicle and the owners were just returning from walking the 2.6 km round trip. The flies were incredible, some of the worst we’ve seen in our travels. It was a nice flat walk and to be rewarded with a seat under a Coolibah tree was a pretty good outcome.

Well almost sitting, no jumbucks in sight!

We decided to head back to the Long Waterhole Freecamp 4 kms south of Winton (on the Jundah road). We last visited there when Turtle had a bad case of flat tyres but this time we actually camped on the edge of the waterhole. Jenny rewarded me by cooking a stir fry accompanied by a couple of glasses of red wine before the mozzies won the day and we retired inside.

Sunset at the Long Waterhole, Winton

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