Enjoying the Break at Diddillibah

It’s been pretty laid back here, just chilling with Shaz, Paul, Renae and Blake. We visited the Terella Brewery yesterday, which is just up the road and enjoyed the music, food and a couple of drinks before heading back home to enjoy the rest of the day in warm sunshine.

Blake, Renae and Nanny enjoying Blueberry Cider at Terella Brewery

Today was spent enjoying the sunshine. The crew tried their hand at mini golf and Jenny, Shaz and Blake had a go at fishing from the pontoon on the river. Shaz was the only successful angler catching a below size bream much to her delight and the amusement of the residents of the nearby Glamping tents. We had a visit from Blake’s Aunty and Uncle for a barbecue dinner. the temperature started to drop off quickly so it wasn’t a late night (it turned out that we aren’t allowed to have fires under the penalty of death…would you believe expulsion from the park☹️)

Sunset at Diddillibah Camp

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