No Betty at Walgett

Now that was cold! Dropped to -2ºC this morning, had to put my socks on in bed! Another beautiful morning though, standing in brilliant sunshine cooking the porridge. The caravan park was emptying en-masse today. We headed out a bit later than usual seeing we didn’t have far to go. A lot less trucks on the highway once we got past Gilgandra. Just meandered up the Castlereigh Highway to Walgett, where we had intended to stay at the Showgrounds but they are closed at the moment so it was back to the freecamp on the main drag. There were obvious signs of heavy rain around about. Road damage and several huge paddocks that had been inundated as well as some that were still under water.

A glorious full moon at Walgett

Tomorrow we will head to the Artesian Baths before moving on to Lightning Ridge for a night (and more hot springs) Another -2º night forecast for tonight but as we only have a short trip to Lightning Ridge we can afford a lay in until the sun is well and truly up.

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