Here, There and Everywhere

Had a lovely campfire out with the stars last night. Very early this morning the heavens opened and we had a downpour on and off until just after daybreak. We still managed to cook breakfast outside but we had to wait a little longer for the Firepit bag to dry before we could pack up and leave. Cadoux is situated in one of those strange little areas that doesn’t have direct access to anywhere which meant a lot of zigging and zagging to work our way down toward the main drag. We stopped for morning tea at Wyalkatchem (I just love that name) neat and tidy town largely devoid of actual residents. We moved along to Merredin where we had lunch then onto Southern Cross and ended up at the Boorabbin Rest Area (traditional lands of the Kalaamaya people) about 120 kms west of Coolgardie.

Our camp at Boorabbin Rest Area

We have applied (and received approval) for a permit to enter South Australia which means that we can’t get in there before Friday. According to their strange setup we should receive an email on the day that we are to enter and we click on the link to say we’ve arrived. One slight problem, how do we get internet service after we leave Norseman or even at Eucla so we can tick the box. Guess we’ll be growled at again.

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