Onto Geraldton

Well things started out a lot different this morning. Filled up with cheap fuel at the servo ($1.50 compared to $1.58 at the IGA) and hit the frog and toad. Motorhome behaved itself perfectly (even if I wasn’t game to use cruise control until after lunch). We drove close to 400 kms without a hitch including the last 100 kms on cruise control … until we hit the outskirts of Geraldton and the whole issue returned. I’ve been checking the rear wheel hubs to make sure its not a rear wheel bearing causing the problem but both hubs are within a couple of degrees of each other so no apparent problem there.

Arrowsmith Freecamp

I’m beginning to suspect that when the wheel sensor lead was damaged that it may have also caused damage to the rear CAN-BUS which will mean a replacement is required. We decided that our best course of action is to just drive shorter days and make our way home. The only issue is that it prevents the use of the cruise control so its back to the old days of having to keep the pedal to the metal.

In any case we pushed on to Arrowsmith Freecamp (in the traditional lands of the Amangu people) which meant we had travelled about 540 kms for the day. It was very windy, so after dinner we retreated to the motorhome for drinks and reading the days news.

Sunsetting on the dump point, Arrowsmith Freecamp

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