Onto Minilya River Freecamp

Sunset at Robe River

As we left Robe River Freecamp, Ally rang for a chat so we were able to catch up on some news. We headed south for a short journey today, planning a longer one tomorrow.

Not so much a social butterfly at Minilya, as a Goth Moth

The motorhome is playing up again and, combined with the strong wind, no cruise control makes for a not so pleasant driving experience. The faulty sensor sends incorrect/out of range readings which means the electronic transmission tries to set a non-existent ratio. The result is wildly fluctuating engine revs and no power to the wheels meaning I have to pull to the side of the road and stop, then start off again. Once it has done it once there is no longer a problem but until it happens we are very wary of having Road Trains sitting behind us.

Not as pretty as Robe River but you get what you pay for.

Still heaps of caravans around, Nunturra Roadhouse had us queueing for fuel at $1.82 a litre but no shortage of customers. We had lunch at another river Freecamp before moving onto here (Minilya River Freecamp) just over the bridge from the Minilya Roadhouse with fuel at a more reasonable $1.58

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