Onto Port Hedland and Further South.

We continued our trip southward towards Port Hedland. The wind has really come up today and with it the return of the vehicle playing up. No cruise control for most of the day and battling strong headwinds (literally). We only needed to buy some ground coffee (only indeed) at Woolies, it was a different story here for the most part. Still busy but nowhere near as bad as Broome. We continued on and after a rather long day (542kms) arrived at the Peawah River Rest Area and set up camp.

We had the misfortune of having a couple of elderly rednecks imposing themselves on our neighbours so I took the opportunity to play some of my favourite music (not to loud mind you) by Geoffrey Gurrimul as my form of quiet protest.

Sunset at the Peawah River Camp

It takes all types – a young Spanish speaking couple arrived well after dark and decided that camping right behind us and lighting a campfire next to our motorhome was a good plan. I quietly advised them to make sure that the fire was properly extinguished before they go to bed – I’m starting to feel a bit grey gonadish myself now, must check the medication.

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