Alas All Is Not As It Seems Part 2

We woke to a lovely cool morning and after a leisurely breakfast, set off for the border. We stopped at Pine Creek to refuel just to make sure we had plenty of fuel to get to Kununurra then decided to head straight to the border.

There was a long queue at the quarantine checkpoint which was a mystery to us – surely you have your approved pass so it should be “Howz it going, come on through”. Oh silly us. After waiting for 45 minutes and despite having our border pass approved to go through today, the police at the checkpoint can’t admit anyone into Western Australia until they have finished fifteen days in the Northern Territory (they don’t count the first day at all) meaning if we had our details entered they would cancel our pass and we would have to apply all over again. Even the constable on duty said its ridiculous that, after nearly two years, the powers that be have not fixed the system so that people like us, who have done the right thing, aren’t turned around. In any case we had to return to the NT and can enter WA at one minute past midnight if we so desire.

Catching up on the lawns of Timber Creek.

We decided to return to Timber Creek and spend the night at the Caravan Park there on Nungali/Ngaliwuru traditional lands. As a consolation its sausages and eggs for dinner (I’m easily distracted) to accompany the chorus of the fruit bats camped down by the crocodile pond. The other side of this is that, because it is taking so long to get across the border, nearly all westbound travellers are staying at least one night in Kununurra which means we will have to do our shopping tomorrow then move on (there is no room at the Inn. Thank goodness Jenny’s not pregnant or it would be Christmas all over again)

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