Inching South

We left the luxury of the Riverside Caravan Park to make our way south again. We stopped in at Kerang for a morning cuppa and fielded more questions about Redback, this time from a couple of grannies travelling in motorhomes slightly bigger than ours. We decided we would have a stroll around the shopping centre of Kerang and managed to get that all important COVID staple – Toilet Paper! The town was very busy with plenty of foot traffic and well patronised cafes.

The Kerang Court House in the middle of Kerang CBD

We moved onto Cohuna where we set up camp at the RV friendly Flora Park. RVs can stay for up to 72 hours here and must be self contained. We had lunch, sat round reading for a while then went up the street to do the tourist thing and buy an ice cream. By this stage it was going on three p.m. and the coffee shops appeared to be shutting up shop. I guess they have been there since breakfast and with only a few miserly old farts in town there was no point staying open. The park in the Main Street is beautifully maintained and the town is generally very clean and tidy. A credit to the locals.

Under the shade of an old gum tree, Cohuna

Tonight is our last night out on the road before we head into Echuca to see Shaz and Paul (which we are looking forward to – its been ages). So tonight its one final cook up on the Coleman stove in the great outdoors.

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