Checking Out Hopetoun

A pleasant Sunday afternoon Lake Lascelles, Hopetoun

The weather cooled off again overnight with a cool breeze making sleeping easier (but not dampening the spirits of the partygoers still singing at 2 a.m.). It was clear skies again today so after catching up on the overnight news over breakfast, we decided we would go for a walk up to the CBD of Hopetoun. Perhaps it should be renamed. The Not Very Busy centre of Hopetoun. The bakery doesn’t open Sundays, so only a takeaway food shop and a cafe with limited choice were prospects for lunch. We ended up shopping at the IGA which was busy and making our way back to the camp to have lunch and catch up on some reading. Another warm day but with a pleasant cool breeze making this much more pleasant than Lake Bringalbert. The fridge has decided that it won’t cooperate so I’ll have to pull that out and get it repaired once we get home. At least these things are happening on our short trip rather than at the start of an 8 week journey – always look on the bright side of life, dum de dum.

Catching up on reading, sitting in the breeze

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