Back on Solid Ground

Well that’s Tassie done and dusted. We were up bright and early to get into the queue for the ferry at Devonport. We had to wait for the disembarking passengers and vehicles before we could board. There were a surprising number of vehicles arriving with what appeared to be holiday stuff on board – they must have been returning Tasmanian’s or travellers prepared to self isolate for 14 days. The vehicles going back to the mainland just kept on coming (there must have been no tourists left on the island by the time we boarded😀) and we didn’t manage to get on board until two hours after the opening of loading. It was another relatively smooth sailing despite the weather forecast of strong winds. We disembarked at around 7 p.m. and were back home around 9.

It was a really great trip, beautiful scenery and the feeling of stepping back in time with the many old homes and other buildings. It would have been very tempting to move there had we seen it thirty years ago (well I would have been tempted I don’t know if we could have broken Jenny’s familial links). The only thing we noticed was the narrowness of the roads. The closeness between towns was interesting, as was the preparedness of the locals to have a dip by creating and selling products from their homes or along the wayside. I would rate it as one of our best trips. The boring stats were 3273 kilometres and $629 in fuel. Heaps of free camps and interesting scenery.

Thanks again to the Willies for their company and good humour and the people of Tasmania for putting up with us. Special call out to Jack and Jenny Smith for the great visit we had with them.

Now if this virus thingy nicks off we may even get away for another trip this year.

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