Moved on to Chudleigh

The Quadrant, Launceston CBD, Tasmania

We went into Launceston early to do our pensioner shop at Woolworths. They had almost everything we wanted bar powdered milk and rolled oats. We walked around the CBD of Launceston for a little while before we decided to head towards Caveside which is a district about 60 kilometres north west of Launceston where there are several cave systems. By the time we arrived at Chudleigh for morning tea misty rain had set in so it was decided to make camp here.

A re-imagined old house, Chudleigh, Tasmania

There is a Honey Shop with a huge variety of products in Chudleigh and the General Store. Other than that there isn’t a lot to entertain visitors. A nice setup at the Showgrounds for an overnight stay so we will probably move on to the caves tomorrow depending on the weather.

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