Heading North

Spotted quoll scouting our campsite

Last night no Tassie Devil but we did have a Spotted Quoll. The cute little fella even stood on my foot while I was sitting there and checked me out. Fortunately the shock didn’t kill him so it was just another wildlife thrill! Amazingly the people in the Caravan next door didn’t venture out even though passers-by were coming in to check with us if we had had any sightings.

Jenny standing next to the remnants of an old giant logged in the early 1900s

We set out this morning on our journey North – except, at this rate, it may take us a while. We went as far as Hastings Caves and Thermal Reserve where we did a guided tour of the Newdegate Cave. A really good tour. We had lunch at the Visitors’ Centre before going for a dip in the “Thermal Pool”. Ah no, that ain’t thermal- average temperature 27º but certainly didn’t feel that hot. I lasted about ten minutes before I headed to the hot shower in the change rooms. From there we moved onto Southport to stay in the Caravan Park so we could do some laundry. No mobile service in this neck of the woods so there’s a time delay on this post😀

Inside Newdegate Cave, Hastings, Tasmania

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